Alluminum Fence Guide from Pro Referral

We design and install tons of aluminum gates.  They are timeless, strong, and secure.  If you are on the fence (pun intended) about choosing aluminum as your new fence material, check out this article from Pro Referral that will give you the full run down.

Aluminum Fence Guide

Aluminum Fence Guide

Aluminum fences aren’t for people who are overly preoccupied with things that are fancy and delicate. They’re for people who want something done right. Fences made from aluminum are sturdy and strong. Aluminum fences don’t rust like iron fences.


You might be considering an aluminum fence for your own home. If so, there are some things you need to know. Read this guide to learn all about aluminum fencing.


  1. 1.Why Choose an Aluminum Fence?

    Because they are so strong durable, aluminum fences are great for when you need extra security.

    Because they are so strong durable, aluminum fences are great for when you need extra security. So, if you have a pool that you want to make sure the neighbor kids stay out of, an aluminum fence might be perfect for you. Aluminum fences are also good if you have an unfriendly dog that you’d like to keep inside your yard or just for overall added security to help keep ne’er-do-wells away from your home.

  2. 2.Who will Install Your Aluminum Fence?

    Find an experienced professional to install your fence. It’s important to find someone with experience so that the fence will stand the test of time, without tilting or leaning. Ask your neighbors for recommendations of qualified fence builders. Be on the lookout for scam artists. The Federal Trade Commission warns against hiring contractors who solicit door-to-door, accepts cash payments, or asks you to get the required building permits.

  3. 3.Prep Your Yard for a New Aluminum Fence.

    There are a few things you should do before having your fence installed on your property. First, if your community has a home owner’s association, check with them to see if there are any rules or regulations about what kind of fence you can put up, or if you can install a fence at all. Next, talk to your contractor about any building permit you might need, and make sure they are on top of applying for the correct permit. Make sure there aren’t any cables or wires buried beneath your yard that could be disturbed by workers digging for fence stakes. Finally, check to make sure you know where your property line starts and stops so that your fence stays on your property and not your neighbor’s.

  4. 4.How to Care for Your Aluminum Fence

    One of the selling points of aluminum fences is that they require very little care and maintenance. Keep your fence clean by washing it with soap and water occasionally. If your fence is exposed to chemicals like the ones used in pools, or salt, you might want to wash your fence more frequently. Plants can grow into your fence, so keep them trimmed back and away from the fence to make sure that doesn’t happen. Inspect the fasteners and other moving parts of your fence to make sure they are still working smoothly.


    If you’re looking for a fence, aluminum might be the material for you. Aluminum requires much less care than wood, and can be made to look as attractive as wrought iron. Don’t just sit on the fence – call your fence installation professional today!

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