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Pretty Deck Railings

All decks need railings because they are extremely important safety features.  But, who says they have to be eye sores?  There are many different styles and designs available these days, and the article below showcases several of them.  We can work with you and your ideas to create the beautiful deck railing you want!  Keep […]

All Fence Considerations

Want to fence in your property or just part of your yard but don’t know where to begin?  This article from Forbes by professionals over at Houzz offers any and all considerations for the right kind of fence for your needs.  Need to keep pets in or other animals out?  There are specific fences for […]

Landscaping a Fenced Yard

If you have been wanting to spice up your yard by adding landscaping, look no further!  There are ways you can landscape along your fence to accentuate the fence instead of hiding it.  The article below offers some ideas and even suggests how you can bring in even more nature with certain plants.  Use these […]

Fixing Wobbly Fence Posts

Does part of your fence need reinforcement until the whole thing is ready to be replaced?  Do you need to make sure your pet doesn’t escape or someone doesn’t get hurt?  You can reinforce your fence posts easily if you follow the suggestions in this article.  After getting together your materials, you can be your […]

Making Your Fence Pretty

There are ways you can add some beauty to your fence without breaking the bank. like painting, hanging planters, and other eco-friendly options!  We know that there are a lot of suggestions out there for decorating fences, but this article seems great for summer!  Check it out below. 7 Ways to Dress Up Your Fence […]

Fences That Withstand High Winds

Fences should always be designed and installed so that they withstand strong forces like the elements, animals, and general settling over time.  Thinking about strong winds specifically, there are certain kinds of fencing materials that are superior to others.  Learn what they are in the article below. Best Fences for Areas With High Winds Fences […]

Tools For Quick Fence Repair

 If your fence sags or breaks at a bad time and you need a quick fix while waiting for a fence repair company to come, there are a few things you can do.  However, you will need to use a variety of tools to aid the process so it is helpful to keep these tools […]

Fixing Fences and Gates on Farms

Farms utilize fences for many reasons, but the top priority is keeping animals and livestock within the boundaries.  For that reason alone, it is important to keep fences intact and strong.  If you notice part of your fence is broken or sagging or a gate is broken, use the tips in the article from Hobby […]

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Get the most out of your outdoor space this summer by transforming it.  After getting the much desired privacy by adding a fence to enclose your yard, make it even more inviting by using some of the ideas in this article.  From lighting to furniture, you can easily create an outdoor living space that is […]

Metal or Wood? What’s Better?

It’s the time of year where people begin to plan how to spruce up their outdoor spaces to enjoy in the warmer months.  A fence is a great addition to any yard for privacy, increased security (especially for pets), and curb appeal.  However, the decision can be made difficult because there are so many options […]