Benefits Of Installing A Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing has been around since 1844, after it was invented in England. Inspired by weaving machines, this type of fence proves durable and versatile and is still a very popular fencing choice for property owners today.  Read on to learn about all the benefits that come along with installing a chain link fence in Utah.

Ultimate Security

If security is what you want, then an impenetrable chain link fence is what you need. This fence can be customized with sliding or swing gates, topped with barbed wire, and ranges in height from 3 to 12 feet. Keep intruders out and both pets and children inside. A chain link fence is more about function than style, therefore, many people opt for a vinyl-coated chain link fence to give their property an aesthetic appeal.


Chain link fencing is known for its enduring dependability. Western Fence Co. offers commercial and residential chain link fencing that will accommodate the specific needs of your property. When this fencing is properly installed by us, it will serve you for decades. Another benefit of this durable fencing is that you can see through it. This means you can see who is around your property at all times. If you want more privacy, however, you have the option to add fence slats or shades.

Inexpensive and Low Maintenance

If you’re looking for a cost-effective fence, chain link is the best option. Think about it. Initially you will spend less than on other fencing options and chain link fencing lasts for decades. There’s also very little maintenance. You won’t have to paint the fence. Sealant is not required and there’s no cleaning involved. If your fence is damaged, supplies are available to replace any broken or missing parts. As time goes on, you may want to hose off your fence once in a while to remove any built up dirt or grime and make your fence look brand new again.

Use Anywhere

Chain link fence can be used in nearly any type of terrain, including hilly, sandy, and swampy terrain, making it the most versatile fencing on the market today. Save money by using it to fence in large areas, such as yards, sports fields, schools, playgrounds, horse ranches, farms, and more.

Don’t Worry about Rot or Bugs

Wood fencing eventually succumbs to bugs and rot. But a chain link fence is susceptible to this. All in all, they are immune to termites and decay, making the fence last longer and look fantastic. At Western Fence Co. we can install a beautiful, durable, functional chain link fence on your property at a price you can afford.

Residential Vs. Commercial 

At Western Fence Co. we carry both residential and commercial style chain link fencing. We approach each job from a unique perspective to fit your specific needs and budget. For a free quote for you residential or commercial property, give us a call today at 1-888- GET-FENCE. One of our friendly team members will inspect your property, along with you, and offer you a free, no obligation quote for you new chain link fence.