According to a report filed by the National Retail Federationsources of theft including shoplifting, employee theft, and organized crime made up more than $60 billion in losses throughout the course of 2020. As an entrepreneur or potential business owner, you understand that it is important to protect your most valuable assets from potential loss.

Shrinkage is a concept that has been developed to better understand the loss that commercial companies, warehouses, and retail establishments expect to experience due to loss, damage, and theft. In order to minimize theft while maximizing our peace of mind, we can turn to the installation of a security cage for our most important possessions.

Security cages are metal wired partitions that work to encapsulate a segment of space or an entire room. These cages are often installed in warehouses, law enforcement facilities, retail spaces, and commercial businesses. To see how a security cage can improve your business, let’s outline a few of its most common uses.

1. Secure Key Retail Inventory

Stock rooms are typically the place where we stow away our most valuable items. In a pharmaceutical environment, this could include lifesaving medication. In an office or retail environment, this could even include cash registers and finances. With a secured cage installed in your stock room, you can enjoy professionally secured storage that will withstand even the most ardent thief.

Security cages are often made from a wide array of different steel options. Companies like Western Fence Co. provide their clients with access to secured metal cages that can be installed in just about any retail or commercial space.

2. Maximize Data Center Protection

As we continue to drift ever toward a completely digital world, we must come to terms with the security surrounding our data. For companies that host secured computer networks, limiting access to these machines should be a top priority. A secured metal cage with limited access can provide peace of mind to you, your company, and the clients that have entrusted you with their sensitive information. Security cages can also be enhanced by biometric locks, bar code readers, and other advanced locking mechanisms.

3. Protect & Secure Key Office Supplies

While employee theft is far from the most common form of shrinkage for traditional retail companies, the risk still exists. To better secure key office supplies and company products, install a security cage with limited access in the back of the store. According to the same report referenced by the National Retail Federation, employee theft accounts for roughly 7% of shrinkage in a given year.

Security cages provide real and tangible benefits to companies, office spaces, and commercial warehouses of all sizes. Western Fence Co has been proudly serving Utah and the surrounding area since 1948. Contact Western Fence Co directly for a free estimate!


Whether you want to protect your home or business, fencing in the property can be an effective way to manage who can enter your property and when. However, when you install a fence around your entire property, you will need to also think about gates for entry to driveways and parking lots. While manual gates are often less costly, installing an automatic gate can provide a variety of additional benefits, making them well worth considering for your home or business. The following benefits can help you make this important decision.

A More Convenient Option

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to consider automatic gates is their high level of convenience. You won’t have to leave your home or business or hire someone to man your gate to open it for anyone who arrives or get out of your car each time you want to leave or return to your property. Instead, you can use a remote or other automatic feature to open the gate on demand. You can also rest easy knowing you’ll never accidentally leave the gate open.

An Excellent Return on Your Investment

Even if you spend a little more on an automatic gate versus a manual one, you will enjoy the benefits of a higher return on your investment. An automatic gate increases the value of your property and ensures you have additional peace of mind. In addition, automatic gates can decrease your homeowners or business insurance because they add an extra level of security.

An Aesthetic Appeal

Gone are the days when automatic gates were something you only saw on the homes of the rich and famous. You can improve the aesthetics of your home or business, no matter your income level, by choosing a gate that complements the other elements on the exterior of your property. These gates offer an aesthetic appeal on another level.

A Fully Customizable Option

With all the automatic gates available on the market today, you’re sure to find one that not only looks great with your home or business but also can be customized to best suit your needs. For instance, some people prefer a gate that swings out, while others want one that slides open and closed. It all depends on the layout of your property and your personal preferences. A reliable contractor can help you make the best decision and choose the features that will benefit you most.

Enhance Your Security

There’s nothing more comforting than knowing you’re in control of who can access your property. Automatic gates deter thieves and vandals, providing your home or business with the ultimate security so you can rest easy your property is fully protected.

If you are considering the installation of a fence on your commercial property, you are far from the only one. There is a multitude of benefits that can come along with a properly installed set of commercial fencing around your building. If you are on the fence about where to turn for your fencing installation, let’s take a moment to discuss how a professional installation team can make your life easy while making your business more secure.

Five Key Benefits of Commercial Fencing

Whether you are the manager of a small shop or a giant commercial warehouse, ensuring that your property is secured can be among your top priorities. While many components will go into commercial security systems, including cameras and security guards, a commercial fence is often the easiest place to start.

Here are a few ways that a commercial fence installation team can provide your business with immediate tangible benefits.

  1. Traffic Access Control – Whether on foot or by vehicle, your commercial fence can work to control the flow of traffic in and out of your perimeter.  An ideal place to start for safety purposes, commercial fencing can help restrict the flow of traffic to your business while preventing your lot from descending into chaos. Access control also further allows business owners to secure their property after hours against potential crime, theft, and vandalism.
  2. High-Quality Components –  Commercial fencing solutions come in all styles, shapes, and materials. The most common commercial fence is the chain-link fence, though that is far from the only option available to you. Chain-link commercial fencing often blends affordability and quality into one convenient installation.
  3. Improve Visual Aesthetics – If marketing is half of what a successful business does, then how important is your curbside appeal? If you want to present your business in the best light possible, the installation of professional commercial fencing can go a long way to show the quality of your enterprise. A professionally installed perimeter of secured commercial fencing will not only improve the overall appearance of your building, but it will also show your commitment to security.
  4. Tighten Security Measures – It is never too late to start being more careful. While camera systems and security guards will comprise a large component of your security plan at work, a commercial fence installation can serve to make everything even easier. A strong fence acts not only as a deterrent to criminal behavior, it can also prevent trespassing, vandalism, and theft. Additionally, your commercial fence will leave your employees feeling safer and more valued.
  5. No Solicitation – Finally, we know how annoying it can be to have solicitors coming and going from your place of work. With a commercial fence installed, you will be able to control access to who comes and goes from your place of business. No more solicitors, just more time to focus on work!

If you are looking for the best commercial fencing solutions in Utah, turn your attention to the team at Western Fence CO for more information.

Do you remember the exact time that your wooden fence began to degrade? That beautiful cedar fence you installed a couple of years ago might be looking a bit worse for wear! Whether you are dealing with dirt, algae, or mold, that beautiful fence you once had can suffer from several potential issues.

Instead of ripping your fence out and re-installing a newer fence, consider exploring this simple fence cleaning and maintenance solution.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Wooden Fence

As a particularly porous surface, wood is often subject to dirt and grime that seeps deep into its crevices. Cleaning a wooden fence is unfortunately a little harder than merely wiping the grime away. As a result, you are going to need a few tools and some chemicals. Fortunately, most people should have these items at home!

Materials Needed

  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Plastic Bucket
  • Gloves
  • Rag
  • Hose
  • Plastic tarp (optional)
  • Hard-bristled Brush

Cleaning your fence and maintaining it through this technique will require strict adherence to safety protocols, particularly when working with bleach. Make sure that you wear gloves and refrain from getting bleach onto your lawn.

  1. With your gloves on, you will want to grab your plastic bucket and fill it with 1-part bleach and 2-parts water.
  2. Again with your gloves on, you will use a rag to apply your bleach/water mixture to your fence. Apply generously to ensure an even coating, paying attention to problematic areas.
  3. Wait 10 – 15 minutes to allow the bleach to soak into your fence.
  4. If you want to prevent the bleach mixture from getting onto your lawn, place your plastic tarp along the base of your fence now.
  5. Taking your hose, rinse the bleach off with the highest-pressure setting. Any remaining dirt and grime can be wiped away with your hard-bristled brush.

This simple maintenance tip can be repeated as often as needed. Simple and affordable, the entire process should take most homeowners under an hour. To prevent the need for future deep cleanings, consider performing touch-ups throughout the year or as often as needed.

If you need to cut materials to exceptionally high tolerances, waterjet cutting can help. Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting technology that can produce high-precision cuts in a wide variety of materials. As a cold cutting process, it can be used in materials that cannot be cut through plasma cutting or other methods. Here are some of the major benefits of waterjet cutting.

1. It Doesn’t Produce Heat

Other types of cutting, like plasma cutting, will produce heat. Under this heat, some materials will warp, burn, or become brittle. Waterjet cutting is well-suited to these types of materials (such as plastics) because it can provide a precision cut without any heat.

2. It Can Cut Virtually Any Material

Waterjet cutting is flexible and versatile. It can cut many types of material, including reflective materials, and uneven materials. The highly pressurized waterjet can even cut through stacked materials, to produce multiple cuts at once. Waterjets are powerful enough to cut through electronic devices and solid metal.

3. It’s an Environmentally-Friendly Solution

Unlike other methods of cutting and fabrication, waterjet cutting doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals. Waterjet cutting won’t burn anything, so it won’t release anything hazardous or toxic into the air. This is not only great from an environmental standpoint but also better for workers who are working with waterjet cutting frequently.

4. It Can Cut in Any Direction

Waterjet cutting is performed like other CNC operations: The computer is loaded with a pattern and then the cutter cuts a line. But unlike other CNC operations, waterjet cutting can cut in any direction. Materials can consequently be cut into nearly any shape. Other types of cutting have to be done in straight lines on an axis, or can only cut from top to bottom or from left to right.

5. It’s Extremely Fast

Waterjet cutters can cut through even metal quickly. For rapid prototyping, it’s a very fast way to produce a part — but it can also be used for hundreds or thousands of parts. Of course, the exact speed depends on the machine and the strength of the pump. Some of the fastest cutters can cut through inches of titanium within seconds.

6. It Produces Very Clean Edges

Because it isn’t burning or warping the materials, waterjet cutting also produces very clean edges. The work that has to be done on parts once they have been cut out is minimal — it can even be entirely absent. This makes waterjet cutting a preferable method for those who don’t want to do further finishing.

There are many industries that take advantage of waterjet cutting, for its fast performance, versatility, and cold process. Nearly anything can be cut, ranging from hard metals to food — and the process is both fast and clean. Waterjet cutting is frequently used for rapid prototyping, and other times in which distinct and discrete parts need to be created on-the-fly. However, because the process of setting up the system is purely digital, it can also be used to produce parts of any quantity.

Your outdoor space should be a place where you can kick back and escape from everyday life. While it’s important to customize your yard (or patio, etc.) in a way that speaks to you, it all won’t mean much unless you have the privacy you want. This can be challenging in today’s housing developer trends calling for squeezing homes onto small lots with little yard space. That said, putting up the right fencing can help transform whatever space you do have into your own private oasis!

Here’s how you can choose the right fencing and get the outdoor privacy you deserve:

Determine Where the Distractions Are Coming From

Do you live on a busy street or near a commercial property? Is your neighbor’s home taller than your own with windows that can see down onto your property? Before you select any fencing, it’s important to take into account the areas that you may want to hide from view with fencing. While fencing won’t be able to block out noise, it can help mitigate it and make outside distractions feel less invasive. You may also want to consider adding in privacy screening to an existing fence or incorporating it into a new design. Try laying out your planned fencing with cords or rope to get an idea of where you would like to put it.

Keep in mind that you may also want to use fencing to divide up your outdoor space into zones (with easy access gates. Many people with pets or children opt for this in order to designate areas for play and spots for peace and quiet. It is also a good idea to separate pools and outdoor spas with fencing for both safety and privacy purposes.

Go for Height

Some people shy away from tall fencing because they fear it will make a small yard or patio space feel even smaller. But this is a misconception. The right tall fencing draws the eye upward and can actually make your outdoor space feel instantly bigger. To figure out exactly how high you would like your fencing to be, try holding up cardboard in different spots to get a feel for the height.

To help make your tall fencing feel even less imposing, you may also want to opt for a fencing design that has open spaces along the top or in other strategic places. Adding plants along your fencing will also help with establishing a peaceful atmosphere.

Choose the Style Carefully

Today’s fencing goes way beyond traditional chain link or picket styles (though of course these classic styles still work wonder for many people). Take into account the style of your home and what kind of fencing may complement it. You may also want to consider a more artisanal design for tall fencing to help it add more to the setting and serenity of your outdoor space rather than simply act as a barrier. If you are dividing your outdoor space into different zones, you may want to select a combination of styles.

Now, it’s important to note that you will have to check with local municipality restrictions first before you select any kind of fencing. If you live in a housing development with a community association or HOA, you may have additional regulations you need to follow. An experienced fencing contractor can help you navigate this area.

A wood fence provides a great look for your landscaping, as well as for the privacy you want for your yard. Natural wood can enhance the look of your home and boost its value and curb appeal. However, this type of fence can often become damaged or show visible signs of wear and tear over time, making it much less attractive. The good news is there are several ways you can give your wood fence new life.

Replace Rotted or Damaged Pieces

If your fence is older or it wasn’t properly protected when it was first installed, you will need to replace rotted or damaged pieces. The good news is this doesn’t mean you have to completely replace the entire fence. Instead, you can limit replacements only to those areas that have been damaged. However, you may need to repaint or restain the entire fence in order to ensure everything looks the same and the replaced sections don’t stand out from the rest.

Protect Your Fence

You need to propertly protect your fence if you want it to stand up to the elements. This includes purchasing treated wood fencing pieces that are designed to hold up to whatever Mother Nature may throw its way. Painting or staining your fence can also go a long way toward giving your fence a new lease on life. If the fence isn’t damaged in any way, a simple new coat of paint or stain can make it look like new and give your landscaping the boost it needs.

Inspect Your Fence Regularly

Damages to your wood fence take place over time. The earlier you are able to detect a problem, the easier and less expensive it will be to fix. However, many of these problems can’t be identified simply by walking by your fence every day. Instead, you should conduct a thorough evaluation of your fence at least once a month. Some things to look for include loose boards, peeling paint, chipped paint, missing boards, wet areas, termite damage and other types of damage. Be sure to pay close attention to the underside of boards, the posts and the part of the fence closest to the ground. This will allow you to make any necessary repairs quickly, minimizing the expenses of taking care of your fence.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your fence looking great and ensure there’s less damage over time. Sealing and painting your fence properly can make a world of difference in the amount of damage you’ll have to deal with on a regular basis. The better you take care of your fence before problems arise, the less expensive it will be and the more you can enjoy spending time in your yard.

Keeping your wood fence looking great is important to protect the value of your home and ensure the fence does what it’s meant to do. While regular maintenance will protect your fence from long-term damage, if damage does occur over time, it’s essential to take care of it as quickly as possible to minimize further damage and keep your costs lower by avoiding the need to replace your fence, either in part or entirely.

One of the most attractive fences you can choose for your residential or commercial property is ornamental fencing. This barrier is durable, strong, and can be decorated to add a classic look to your property. In fact, this fencing is so versatile, you’ll have no problem finding the look that fits your style. When properly cared for, ornamental iron fencing lasts for years. In the past, rust was a problem, however, ornamental iron fences now come with an anti-rust finish for protection from UV rays that cause fading and rust. All in all, you don’t have to expect any major problems with iron fencing when you follow these maintenance tips.

Be Proactive

You want to keep your ornamental iron fence free from dents and scratches, which lead to rust. One way to do this is to absolutely avoid using a weed whacker or trimmer close to the fencing. Also, it’s wise to keep vegetation away from the fence so you won’t need to trim it in the first place. Too much vegetation near your fence will also hide problems, like rust, which is difficult to control once it starts spreading. Finally, keep sprinklers from spraying the fence. Constant moisture will only encourage rust.

Don’t Procrastinate

When a problem with your ornamental iron fencing occurs, tackle it right away to prevent serious damage from occurring. Follow these tips to prevent a problem from starting in the first place.

  • Inspect your ornamental iron fencing every six months.
  • For new fencing and coated iron, deep cuts and grooves will need to be repaired.
  • A fresh coat of paint every few years.

What to Do When You Find Rust

When finding rust, wash it off with soap and water. Let dry. Then apply a rust converter followed by a spray on primer to fill in the areas. Finally, apply a thin layer of metal-grade wax, which will help protect the paint. The trick is to get to the rust promptly, and then its expansion is thwarted. You may need to use a fine wire brush to get all the rust off, however, avoid using a highly abrasive brush as this will produce adverse results, mainly a deepening of the dings, scrapes, dents, and crevices. When this happens, it becomes harder to seal the area.

Gate Care Maintenance

Inspect your gate hinges every six months and be sure to replace them annually. Proper care for hinges includes lubricating them. If you fail to do this, the hinges will dry out and make an annoying squeaking sound every time you open and close the gate. How often should you lubricate the hinges? Often and use the lubricant liberally.

An ornamental iron fence adds beauty to your property and it’s a good investment. To protect this investment, put in the time and energy needed to keep it properly maintained. In fact, add it to your list of outdoor tasks that need attendance. Preserving your ornamental iron fence will assure you maintain curb appeal, security, and beauty for many years to come.


Trees are a major draw when it comes to property value and just general living appeal, but so are fences around your property. And in many cases, trees that have been standing for years tend to be inconveniently located on the property line or in other locations where you might want to place a fence. Now, you could uproot the tree and just get rid of it. But this isn’t an ideal choice because then you lose the tree and, in many cases, decrease your property value. Fortunately, with a little creativity (and by following some tips from professionals) you can keep your tree and have your fence too!

Fencing in Between Trees

Are the trees in question lined up right with the edge of your property? If so, you might want to try fencing simply in between trees (or rather, leaving fencing gaps where the trees are). Many people opt for this because they like the clean and unique look it creates. A good tip to follow here is to never use nails other fasteners directly on the tree. Not only can this damage the bark of the tree and cause odd growth patterns, but it can also make it easier for pests to get inside and cause problems.

The downside here is that, unless the fence goes right up against the tree on either side, it may not be the most secure. It’s also important to take into account the tree’s age and future growth potential, as it may eventually start growing into/around the fence if it is situated too closely.

Curve Your Fencing Around Trees

Another option is to simply accommodate for the trees in your design by curving the fence around them. You can do so by either keeping the trees on the inside or outside of the fence, and shaping the fence according. That said, bending the fence around them on the outside (if your property line allows it of course) can make sure you are not compromising any yard space. You will also need to allow a little extra room so the trees can have space to grow.

Now, if you are worried that bending your fence around your trees may cross the your property line, be sure to talk with your neighbors first. Most understanding neighbors will be able to help you find a reasonable solution.

Work the Trees into Your Fence Design

In addition to more traditional methods of going around the trees or leaving gaps, you can get truly creative by incorporating them into the fence design itself. There are a lot of different options for this, and each design is unique depending on the tree shape and size as well as the yard space. From creating a trellis appearance to tree “windows”, there’s a lot that can be done here.

Of course, the right option for you will depend on your design preferences, property boundary limits and outdoor style. Have questions or want to explore your fencing options more? We invite you to get in touch! We are happy to look at your situation in detail and come up with an innovative, visually-pleasing solution that will last for years to come.


Fences have a vast number of uses around homes and businesses alike. Not only do they provide a certain aesthetic appeal, but they can also offer a sense of security and additional privacy for your property. While there are many options when it comes to the materials from which fences are made, wood continues to be one of the most popular. If you want wood fencing for your property, your decisions don’t end there. You have a number of styles from which you can choose. The following are three of the most popular styles of wood fencing to help you make the best choice for your home or business.

Picket Fences

You may already be aware of the dream of buying a home with a little white picket fence. While this is no longer the standard dream for everyone, it continues to be one of the most popular types of wood fences, particularly for residential properties. This style of fence consists of horizontal rails that support vertical boards, otherwise known as pickets, that are closely spaced together. The spacing can vary, depending on the design you choose. Picket fences are often between three and four feet tall, although some versions can be shorter if you prefer. Picket fences tend to lend a colonial look to your property and can be painted in a variety of colors to best match the aesthetics of the rest of your home and the surrounding landscape. Staining the fence a natural color is also an option. The vertical boards can come in a number of shapes at the top, including flat, rounded or tapered.

Stockade Fences

For individuals who wish to install a fence that serves more of a security and privacy purpose, the stockade wood fence can be the perfect option for your home. The layout for these fence panels is similar to the picket fence, but the vertical boards are placed much closer together, often touching each other to create a solid wall of fencing. One of the other major difference from a picket fence is a stockade fence is usually built six to eight feet tall, preventing others from easily seeing into your yard. These fences can be painted or stained to create the precise aesthetic look you want for your property. These fences come in a variety of shapes and styles, with options like straight, rounded or tapered tops or even a portion of the top created with a lattice pattern for a more decorative appeal.

Board-on-Board Fences

While stockade fences provide a high level of privacy and security for your property, you can take it up a level with board-on-board wood fences. These fences are similar to stockade fences, but they feature vertical boards placed on both sides of the rails, making it impossible to see beyond the fence. This style of fence boasts an architectural appeal that makes them popular in more upscale neighborhoods, but they serve a purpose in just about any situation. Painting or staining the boards can create the exact look you want.

If you’re looking for the best wood fencing for your property, think about the purpose you want your fence to serve and then work with a professional fence company to help you realize your dreams and install the right fence for your needs.