Have you noticed that cantilever gates seem to be getting more popular?

Cantilever gates and sliding gates have a lot in common. However, there were some important differences that make a cantilever gate stand out.

Let’s take a look at these two kinds of gates side by side.

How the Gate Opens

The biggest difference is in how these gates open.

A sliding gate rests on a track. There’s a wheel on the far edge of the gate that glides along the track. You can either manually slide these gates open or it can be done by remote using motors.

A cantilever gate rests on a hidden track built into the top of the frame. It’s counterbalanced on one end by weight. The gate runs on this elevated track without ever touching the ground.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Another thing to keep in mind are the space requirements for different types of gates.

A sliding gate only requires as much space as the gates opening plus a few feet to accommodate movement. Sliding gates work out for small yards are places where you need to get that can’t slide as far to open.

Cantilever fates require up to 50% of the length of the gate in addition to the length of the gate in order to open. This not only accommodates the width of the opening itself, but also the counterbalancing weight that is needed for the cantilever gate to function.

Let’s Talk Cost

A local fencing and gate company can tell you an exact quote for how much installing a cantilever gate at your property would cost. There are a few things to keep in mind before you reach out for a quote.

Cantilever gates are much more technically complicated and require a higher skill to build and install. This means that they’re naturally going to be more expensive than sliding gates.

How Do They Hold Up?

Here’s one area where sliding gates have a decided advantage.

Sliding gates are mechanically simpler which means that they’re going to have fewer points that can wear down over time. Sliding gates are also easier to repair which means that they’re going to have a simpler and more affordable upkeep.

Cantilever gates are more complicated and more costly to repair.

Which is More Secure?

If security is a bit concerned for you, then you should go with a cantilever gate.

Sliding gates can be lifted off of their track and partially pushed over. However, a cantilever gate cannot be lifted without a heavy crane meaning is much more secure than a sliding gate.

Adding an automatic gate to your property adds both security and aesthetic appeal. On top of that, it adds value to your home. These three factors alone should convince you to install an automatic gate at the entrance to your property. While automatic gates come fully equipped and functional, there are still a few things you can do to make them perform seamlessly. Read on to learn about the ways you can improve the efficiency of your automatic gate, brought to you by Western Fence Co.

Lubrication is Vital

The standard recommendation for lubricating your automatic gate is every six months. You can, however, do this more frequently as needed. A well-lubricated automatic gate will easily open and close with the utmost efficiency, thus reducing wear and tear. This is a simple maintenance task you can do yourself. You’ll need to use a drop of lubricant on the screws, hinges, pulley, and chain.

Have a Back-Up Battery on Hand

During a power outage, you’ll want to have a back-up battery on hand to continue to power your automatic gate until the power comes back on. Most back-up batteries have enough power for a few dozen open and close cycles. This should give your gate plenty of power to work while the electricity is out.

Use a Quality Antenna

Improve your automatic gate’s range over the standard 100 to 150 feet with a quality antenna. This will allow you to control the gate from further distances, which is excellent for those with long driveways or large properties. Furthermore, an improved antenna will give you a better signal if you live in a rural area with a poor signal.

Use a High Speed Motor

Does your automatic gate take a long time to open and close? If so, consider a high speed motor to increase the time it takes your automatic gate to open and close. Having a gate that slowly opens and closes is not only annoying, but it is also a security risk.

Manage from Your Home

The ease of controlling your automatic gate from the comfort of your home adds both security and efficiency. This means you can easily set timers, adjust the settings, and receive notifications.

To have a high quality automatic gate installed on your property, Western Fence Co is the most trusted choice. To see some of our beautiful automatic gates, take a look at our gallery page. When you’re ready to lean more about our gates and which one may be right for your property, contact us at 1-888-GET-FENCE and one of our friendly team members will answer all your questions and concerns about automatic gate installation and maintenance.


Whether you want to protect your home or business, fencing in the property can be an effective way to manage who can enter your property and when. However, when you install a fence around your entire property, you will need to also think about gates for entry to driveways and parking lots. While manual gates are often less costly, installing an automatic gate can provide a variety of additional benefits, making them well worth considering for your home or business. The following benefits can help you make this important decision.

A More Convenient Option

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to consider automatic gates is their high level of convenience. You won’t have to leave your home or business or hire someone to man your gate to open it for anyone who arrives or get out of your car each time you want to leave or return to your property. Instead, you can use a remote or other automatic feature to open the gate on demand. You can also rest easy knowing you’ll never accidentally leave the gate open.

An Excellent Return on Your Investment

Even if you spend a little more on an automatic gate versus a manual one, you will enjoy the benefits of a higher return on your investment. An automatic gate increases the value of your property and ensures you have additional peace of mind. In addition, automatic gates can decrease your homeowners or business insurance because they add an extra level of security.

An Aesthetic Appeal

Gone are the days when automatic gates were something you only saw on the homes of the rich and famous. You can improve the aesthetics of your home or business, no matter your income level, by choosing a gate that complements the other elements on the exterior of your property. These gates offer an aesthetic appeal on another level.

A Fully Customizable Option

With all the automatic gates available on the market today, you’re sure to find one that not only looks great with your home or business but also can be customized to best suit your needs. For instance, some people prefer a gate that swings out, while others want one that slides open and closed. It all depends on the layout of your property and your personal preferences. A reliable contractor can help you make the best decision and choose the features that will benefit you most.

Enhance Your Security

There’s nothing more comforting than knowing you’re in control of who can access your property. Automatic gates deter thieves and vandals, providing your home or business with the ultimate security so you can rest easy your property is fully protected.

Along with increased security and convenience, there are many great advantages to having an automatic gate on your property. Since there is such a wide variety of options available, the decision to install an automatic gate can be overwhelming. To help you in your decision-making, let’s look at and explore the many benefits gained by having this feature added to your property.

Property Security

The most obvious advantage of installing an automatic gate is the ability you gain to control who enters your property at all times.  A boost in security and protection is most often the number one reason customers consider installing an automatic gate. With additional features, such as key pads, locks and intercoms, automatic gates are great for deterring burglars and helping you protect your home and property.

Security For Loved Ones

Automatic gates can increase the security of your loved ones, as well. Gates help prevent young children or elderly loved ones from wandering off the property and are often used to keep pets properly secured. Not only will they help keep children and pets enclosed, they serve to prevent other animals, which may be dangerous or a nuisance, from entering your property, too.

Curb Appeal

With a wide range of styles and materials available, automatic gates can add instant curb appeal to your property. Both simple and elaborate designs are available to match a variety of property styles, allowing your entrance to make a statement.

Property Value

A highly-prized feature, such as an automatic gate, can increase the value of your property. If you decide to sell your property, the enhanced curb appeal along with the increased security can help boost the value and the sale of your property.

Lower Insurance Rates

Insurance premiums are often lowered with the addition of an automatic gate. It is best to check with your insurance provider to see if the increased security will help reduce your premium and save money.


Investing in the installation of an automatic gate can increase privacy by closing off visual access from traffic and neighbors and prevent solicitors from knocking at your door. Homeowners and business owners have the option of the level of privacy desired when choosing an automatic gate.


Unlike manual gates, an automatic gate ensures that gates are not accidently left open or opened by someone unauthorized to be on your property. In addition, an automatic gate means you don’t have to get out of your vehicle in inclement weather to open or close it.

Peace of mind, property enhancements, and increased security can be easily possessed with the addition of an automatic gate on your property.