Decorating Your Fence

Fences can easily blend in to your outdoor space.  A lot of people want their yards to look great and inviting so they add decor to a fence or that compliments the fence.  If you have been thinking about doing this this spring to enjoy in the warmer months use the ideas in the article below.  At least one should stand out to you.

9 Tips for Decorating a Wood Fence

If you have a wood fence, you already know that it adds charm and curb appeal of your home. For added interest, you can also decorate the fence. Here are 9 tips for decorating a wood fence.

1 – Gates and Doors

You can use an old wooden door instead of a traditional gate in a privacy fence. It gives the illusion of a space beyond full of whimsy. If you have a shorter fence, consider using an ornamental metal gate for a sophisticated welcome.

2 – Flower Baskets

Hang flower baskets or boxes around the perimeter of the fence with bright flowing flowers. You can use any kind of containers for this project as long as you have holes in the bottoms for drainage. Incorporate some hanging plants in it for a waterfall effect.

3 – Climbing Plants and Flowers

Using string, attach one end in a stake in the ground, and the other end at the top of the fence. You can criss-cross the string or just hang it up and down. Plant climbing flowers such as morning glories, clematis, and ivy, which will grow up the string and cover your wood fence in spectacular color.

4 – Metal Finials

Add finials to the top of your wood fence for a regal look. They are available in different patterns and metals. This looks especially nice on a fence with scalloped edges on the top.

5 – Year Round Wreaths

Hang several wreaths around your wood fence in a material that will last year round in most climates, like grapevine. Leave them plain for a natural look, or add flowers and vines for additional color. You can even decorate them for holidays by adding different colors of bows, Spring flowers, hearts, battery powered lights, or pine.

6 – Iron Wall Hangings With Candles

Adding iron wall hangings that hold candles will give your wood fence ambiance at night. You can place citronella candles in the wall hangings as well, which will keep bugs at bay when you are enjoying time outdoors in the evenings.

7 – Bird Houses

If you love to watch the birds, hang several on your fence. You can paint them in bright, decorative designs to match your porch or patio. Use bird houses for different types of birds, and keep them filled with food. If bird watching is not your thing, plant a butterfly garden along the fence with plants that grow tall and produce nectar such as day lilies, heliotrope and goldenrod.

8 –  Add a Beautiful Arbor

You can attach an arbor to your fence. They are available pre-made in home improvement stores. After installation, you can plant grapes, flowers or ivy, to grow up the arbor. You can also add a seat in the center of the arbor for a little nook to read or just relax.

9 – Flag Bunting

Hang flag bunting around the center or the top of your fence. You have many choices in designs and color in departments stores or online. You can also change it out for Independence Day, using red, white and blue, or other holidays.

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