When it comes to cutting metals with precision and accuracy, plasma arc cutting is a common yet highly technical choice.

  • What is the plasma arc?

    When welders and fabricators use plasma arc cutting, they employ an open arc that is passed through a very precise nozzle, traveling from the electrode to the piece of metal being worked upon. The electrode will transmit an electrical current to the gas, which is often just air. This makes the gas an extremely high temperature plasma arc.

  • How does the plasma arc work?

    The trained professional uses this charged arc by placing it in precise contact with an electrically conductive material. Since the material conducts electricity, the current can pass through the metal, which melts a minutely thin area. The arc with then be used for forcibly push the melted metal through the piece, which delivers a very precise cut.

  • Where can the plasma arc be used?

    The plasma arc can be used to cut any type of metal that can conduct electricity. This includes very common materials such as steel and stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Different metals will be capable of being cut at different rates. Generally, cutters are given a rating which refers to their capacity to cut in inches per minute. A plasma cutter can typically cut at a rate of 10 inches per minute. When it is used on softer metals, however, such as aluminum, this rate might slightly slow down.

    The plasma arc is a highly efficient way of cutting a number of different metals that can conduct electricity. Those interested in learning more about the technique and how it is used by Western Fence Co should speak with a representative today.