Fences To Consider As A Rental Property Owner

Owning an investment property can be a great way to build long-term wealth. While you can earn good cash flow and benefit from value appreciation, it is important that you do invest money in your property to maximize your return and tenant experience. One good investment to make for any type of rental property is to install a fence. A quality fence can improve security and curb appeal while also identifying property boundaries. There are various fencing options in particular to consider.

Wood Fencing

A popular option when looking for new fencing is wood. Many people prefer wood fencing as it can be versatile as you will be able to cut, stain, or paint the fence to look any way you want. One downside of this type of fence is that it could require some maintenance, including staining or painting every few years. Also, if there is a part of the fence that is located in a spot that collects rainwater, it could be subject to rotting or even termites.

Iron Fencing

Another fencing option that people will love is iron fencing. Wrought iron is a good option today as it can provide a modern appeal to your property and curb appeal. Further, these fences are quite durable and can easily last for decades while looking good with minimal maintenance needs. The downside to wrought iron fences is that they are more expensive to purchase and install and do not provide much privacy.

Vinyl Fencing

In many markets across the country, vinyl fencing is growing in popularity. Vinyl can be a good option as it can be designed to look like wood and does not come with as much maintenance and repair work other than some cleaning. Vinyl is also quite flexible as it can come in many different colors, sizes, and cuts to look exactly the way you want.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences continue to be popular as they are more affordable than other options and quite durable. There is not much maintenance needed to keep the fence in good condition each year. Chain link fencing is also a good way to establish boundaries to your home. One disadvantage to these fences is that they do not provide much in terms of privacy as you can easily see through the chain links.

Investing in a new fence installation is a good option for any rental property owner. If you would like to invest in a fence, choosing the right type is important. When you are looking for a new fence, Western Fence Co. can offer the guidance you need to select an ideal fence that is right for your situation.