How a Security Cage Can Benefit Your Business!

According to a report filed by the National Retail Federationsources of theft including shoplifting, employee theft, and organized crime made up more than $60 billion in losses throughout the course of 2020. As an entrepreneur or potential business owner, you understand that it is important to protect your most valuable assets from potential loss.

Shrinkage is a concept that has been developed to better understand the loss that commercial companies, warehouses, and retail establishments expect to experience due to loss, damage, and theft. In order to minimize theft while maximizing our peace of mind, we can turn to the installation of a security cage for our most important possessions.

Security cages are metal wired partitions that work to encapsulate a segment of space or an entire room. These cages are often installed in warehouses, law enforcement facilities, retail spaces, and commercial businesses. To see how a security cage can improve your business, let’s outline a few of its most common uses.

1. Secure Key Retail Inventory

Stock rooms are typically the place where we stow away our most valuable items. In a pharmaceutical environment, this could include lifesaving medication. In an office or retail environment, this could even include cash registers and finances. With a secured cage installed in your stock room, you can enjoy professionally secured storage that will withstand even the most ardent thief.

Security cages are often made from a wide array of different steel options. Companies like Western Fence Co. provide their clients with access to secured metal cages that can be installed in just about any retail or commercial space.

2. Maximize Data Center Protection

As we continue to drift ever toward a completely digital world, we must come to terms with the security surrounding our data. For companies that host secured computer networks, limiting access to these machines should be a top priority. A secured metal cage with limited access can provide peace of mind to you, your company, and the clients that have entrusted you with their sensitive information. Security cages can also be enhanced by biometric locks, bar code readers, and other advanced locking mechanisms.

3. Protect & Secure Key Office Supplies

While employee theft is far from the most common form of shrinkage for traditional retail companies, the risk still exists. To better secure key office supplies and company products, install a security cage with limited access in the back of the store. According to the same report referenced by the National Retail Federation, employee theft accounts for roughly 7% of shrinkage in a given year.

Security cages provide real and tangible benefits to companies, office spaces, and commercial warehouses of all sizes. Western Fence Co has been proudly serving Utah and the surrounding area since 1948. Contact Western Fence Co directly for a free estimate!