How to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays

There’s still time to decorate for the holidays! Don’t leave your fence naked, decorate and spread the holiday cheer. There are many different ways that are sure to tickle your fancy and impress any guests you’ll have this season. Here are six of our favorites from a fellow fence building company in Dallas.

    1. The Traditional – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it-admittedly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sprucing your fence up with garlands of holly and a few Christmas wreaths. Just like blue jeans, some things never go out of style.
    2. A Very Hipster Xmas – Sometimes you want to give off a grungy vibe, a vibe that says buying super expensive strings of fancy lights that flash in 7 different patterns is way too mainstream. So you raid all the local yard sales you can find and come up with a Frankensteinian hodgepodge of lights, many of which are burnt out, and then wrap them around your fence.
    3. The Nativity Setup – For those who observe Christmas as the actual holiday that it is, your fence serves as the perfect backdrop for your New Testament-themed action figures; perch them on your fence to create a Nativity scene.
    4. Sleigh-jacking! – You’ll need to be a little bit crafty to pull this off. First, get yourself a model of Santa’s sleigh, plus all the reindeer. Then instead of sitting Santa inside the sleigh, position him so that he’s running after it. Take a bunch of rebar or other sturdy supporting materials and place the sleigh and the reindeer on your fence so that they’re already flying up in the air, and voila! Just add a run-of-the-mill garden gnome in the driver’s seat and you’ve got yourself a hilarious Christmas pantomime.
    5. The “I’d rather be somewhere else” – So it’s 10 degrees below freezing and maybe a white Christmas sounds nice to people from southern California, but sub-zero winters are just another reason to dread the holidays. Tell the world you prefer a sunny Christmas and top your fence with tiki torches, inflate a couple of plastic palm trees, and peg a plastic blue tarp in your front yard. You get extra points for putting an inflatable Santa Claus out there with sunglasses and an umbrella over his head.
    6. The Network TV Special – There’s nothing better than celebrating Christmas in front of the TV with your family and watching age-old classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas or How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Deck out your fence with cutouts of Snoopy and Friends or go for a cast of characters from Cindylou Who to the Grinch himself.
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