How To Maintain Your Fence In Snow

Utah winters mean great skiing, but they can also be a threat to your fence. Our heavy storms take a toll on fences, especially if the fence wasn’t properly installed or is old. Western Fence Co often repairs fences that might have survived the winter with just a little maintenance.

Winter Weather and Your Fence

While our cold Utah winters can take a toll on your fence, there are measures that can be taken to protect it. The weight of constantly melting and freezing ice and snow can damage the toughest materials, so a little prevention can be worth an ounce of cure.

Rake and Shovel Drifts

Raking or shoveling snow drifts away from your fence can reduce the strain heavy snow can cause. This doesn’t entail shoveling all of the snow away, just tall drifts so the fence may dry and adjust itself. While a little extra work, it can keep your fence standing through the winter.

Remove Overhanging Limbs

Snow and ice often increase the weight of a branch to the point it breaks off of the tree and cause substantial damage. Limbs that don’t fall can also be a problem as they can cause more water to pool around the fence line. Trimming overhanging limbs prevents both issues from ever being a problem.

Don’t Let Leaves Pile Up Around the Fence

Fall leaves often get brushed to the fence edge or pile up there due to wind. Piles of leaves against your fence can cause damage due to locking in moisture around the fence. This moisture can cause posts to warp or rust. Leaf piles may also produce a very desirable home for some unwanted critters.

Complete Fence Repairs

Winter can turn what should have been a small repair into a big problem. The expansion and contraction that comes with snow and ice can mean minor damage turns into major damage. Address needed repairs as soon as possible.

Do Some Post-Winter Cleaning

When the birds and flowers return, your fence might look dirty and dull from the winter months. A simple soap solution can be used to clean your fencing and remove that dull appearance. If it is time to get your fence stained, ask your fencing company to bundle in cleaning with the staining.


Consider a Fence Tune-Up

Catching issues before they can become exacerbated in the winter months might just take a call to Western Fence Co. We can check and maintain fences in any season, heading off the damage that winter can bring. Follow our blog for new tips that will keep your fence functional and beautiful for years to come.