How to Make Your Automatic Gate More Efficient

Adding an automatic gate to your property adds both security and aesthetic appeal. On top of that, it adds value to your home. These three factors alone should convince you to install an automatic gate at the entrance to your property. While automatic gates come fully equipped and functional, there are still a few things you can do to make them perform seamlessly. Read on to learn about the ways you can improve the efficiency of your automatic gate, brought to you by Western Fence Co.

Lubrication is Vital

The standard recommendation for lubricating your automatic gate is every six months. You can, however, do this more frequently as needed. A well-lubricated automatic gate will easily open and close with the utmost efficiency, thus reducing wear and tear. This is a simple maintenance task you can do yourself. You’ll need to use a drop of lubricant on the screws, hinges, pulley, and chain.

Have a Back-Up Battery on Hand

During a power outage, you’ll want to have a back-up battery on hand to continue to power your automatic gate until the power comes back on. Most back-up batteries have enough power for a few dozen open and close cycles. This should give your gate plenty of power to work while the electricity is out.

Use a Quality Antenna

Improve your automatic gate’s range over the standard 100 to 150 feet with a quality antenna. This will allow you to control the gate from further distances, which is excellent for those with long driveways or large properties. Furthermore, an improved antenna will give you a better signal if you live in a rural area with a poor signal.

Use a High Speed Motor

Does your automatic gate take a long time to open and close? If so, consider a high speed motor to increase the time it takes your automatic gate to open and close. Having a gate that slowly opens and closes is not only annoying, but it is also a security risk.

Manage from Your Home

The ease of controlling your automatic gate from the comfort of your home adds both security and efficiency. This means you can easily set timers, adjust the settings, and receive notifications.

To have a high quality automatic gate installed on your property, Western Fence Co is the most trusted choice. To see some of our beautiful automatic gates, take a look at our gallery page. When you’re ready to lean more about our gates and which one may be right for your property, contact us at 1-888-438-3362 (GET-FENCE) and one of our friendly team members will answer all your questions and concerns about automatic gate installation and maintenance.