Insight on Picket Fences

Picket fences are classic and pretty.  But is a picket fence the right fence for your property?  There are things this article points out that you need to consider like security and maintenance.  If you love outdoor projects and are willing to commit to keeping your fence picture perfect, then this type of fencing might be the right way to go!

“It seems as though many homeowners are scrambling to install large privacy fences, but what if you want to showcase your landscaping, while still protecting your plants and yard?

Picket fences can be a pleasing way to create a sense of privacy without blocking out the world. This classic and practical fence might be the solution for your home.

Before considering a picket fence, you must first decide whether it is a practical choice for your home. If the purpose of the fence is to contain an animal (or keep one out) the height of a picket fence might not be adequate for your needs. But, if you are looking for a fence to indicate the boundary of your yard, while maintaining a welcoming feeling for visitors, then a picket fence might be for you.”

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