Installing A Fence Around Your Trees

Trees are a major draw when it comes to property value and just general living appeal, but so are fences around your property. And in many cases, trees that have been standing for years tend to be inconveniently located on the property line or in other locations where you might want to place a fence. Now, you could uproot the tree and just get rid of it. But this isn’t an ideal choice because then you lose the tree and, in many cases, decrease your property value. Fortunately, with a little creativity (and by following some tips from professionals) you can keep your tree and have your fence too!

Fencing in Between Trees

Are the trees in question lined up right with the edge of your property? If so, you might want to try fencing simply in between trees (or rather, leaving fencing gaps where the trees are). Many people opt for this because they like the clean and unique look it creates. A good tip to follow here is to never use nails other fasteners directly on the tree. Not only can this damage the bark of the tree and cause odd growth patterns, but it can also make it easier for pests to get inside and cause problems.

The downside here is that, unless the fence goes right up against the tree on either side, it may not be the most secure. It’s also important to take into account the tree’s age and future growth potential, as it may eventually start growing into/around the fence if it is situated too closely.

Curve Your Fencing Around Trees

Another option is to simply accommodate for the trees in your design by curving the fence around them. You can do so by either keeping the trees on the inside or outside of the fence, and shaping the fence according. That said, bending the fence around them on the outside (if your property line allows it of course) can make sure you are not compromising any yard space. You will also need to allow a little extra room so the trees can have space to grow.

Now, if you are worried that bending your fence around your trees may cross the your property line, be sure to talk with your neighbors first. Most understanding neighbors will be able to help you find a reasonable solution.

Work the Trees into Your Fence Design

In addition to more traditional methods of going around the trees or leaving gaps, you can get truly creative by incorporating them into the fence design itself. There are a lot of different options for this, and each design is unique depending on the tree shape and size as well as the yard space. From creating a trellis appearance to tree “windows”, there’s a lot that can be done here.

Of course, the right option for you will depend on your design preferences, property boundary limits and outdoor style. Have questions or want to explore your fencing options more? We invite you to get in touch! We are happy to look at your situation in detail and come up with an innovative, visually-pleasing solution that will last for years to come.