Maintain Your Ornamental Iron Fence With These Tips

One of the most attractive fences you can choose for your residential or commercial property is ornamental fencing. This barrier is durable, strong, and can be decorated to add a classic look to your property. In fact, this fencing is so versatile, you’ll have no problem finding the look that fits your style. When properly cared for, ornamental iron fencing lasts for years. In the past, rust was a problem, however, ornamental iron fences now come with an anti-rust finish for protection from UV rays that cause fading and rust. All in all, you don’t have to expect any major problems with iron fencing when you follow these maintenance tips.

Be Proactive

You want to keep your ornamental iron fence free from dents and scratches, which lead to rust. One way to do this is to absolutely avoid using a weed whacker or trimmer close to the fencing. Also, it’s wise to keep vegetation away from the fence so you won’t need to trim it in the first place. Too much vegetation near your fence will also hide problems, like rust, which is difficult to control once it starts spreading. Finally, keep sprinklers from spraying the fence. Constant moisture will only encourage rust.

Don’t Procrastinate

When a problem with your ornamental iron fencing occurs, tackle it right away to prevent serious damage from occurring. Follow these tips to prevent a problem from starting in the first place.

  • Inspect your ornamental iron fencing every six months.
  • For new fencing and coated iron, deep cuts and grooves will need to be repaired.
  • A fresh coat of paint every few years.

What to Do When You Find Rust

When finding rust, wash it off with soap and water. Let dry. Then apply a rust converter followed by a spray on primer to fill in the areas. Finally, apply a thin layer of metal-grade wax, which will help protect the paint. The trick is to get to the rust promptly, and then its expansion is thwarted. You may need to use a fine wire brush to get all the rust off, however, avoid using a highly abrasive brush as this will produce adverse results, mainly a deepening of the dings, scrapes, dents, and crevices. When this happens, it becomes harder to seal the area.

Gate Care Maintenance

Inspect your gate hinges every six months and be sure to replace them annually. Proper care for hinges includes lubricating them. If you fail to do this, the hinges will dry out and make an annoying squeaking sound every time you open and close the gate. How often should you lubricate the hinges? Often and use the lubricant liberally.

An ornamental iron fence adds beauty to your property and it’s a good investment. To protect this investment, put in the time and energy needed to keep it properly maintained. In fact, add it to your list of outdoor tasks that need attendance. Preserving your ornamental iron fence will assure you maintain curb appeal, security, and beauty for many years to come.