Picket Fence Maintenance

Maintenance on any kind of fence is important if you want it to last a long time.  If you have a picket fence there are things you can do, as pointed out in the article below, that will keep it looking great and doing its job for as long as possible.  Check out the tips below for a simple DIY project.

How to Maintain Your Picket Fence

Having installed the picket fence in the home has already fulfilled the aim of giving an artistic enhancement to the overall appearance of the property. Knowing tips to maintain the picket fence is helpful so that it lasts a long time without extensive repairs being done. Below are the materials needed as well as the instructions on how to maintain your picket fence.

Step 1-Paint Maintenance

If painting is needed on the picket fence, repaint or refresh the paint originally applied to have the fence regain its vibrant color. The original color of paint must be used for the repainting. Brush thinly on the whole fence area if needed with a paint brush or just retouch at some areas only. It is best to always keep an extra can of the paint used as well as paint brushes so these materials are readily available once repainting is needed.

Step 2-Damage Check

During the regular maintenance check on the picket fence, examine thoroughly especially on the fence’s bottom areas. These are the areas that are strongly prone to damage and decay because they are in contact with the ground. If signs of decay or damage are seen, those areas must be immediately cleaned and repaired.

Step 3-Pressure Washing

A good maintenance check on picket fences is cleaning it thoroughly. A way to do this is to pressure wash the fence. With the use of a pressure washing solution that may be mixed using cleaning agents found in the home or a solution that may be bought at home improvement stores, pressure wash the fence using a hose with a hose sprayer attachment. The washing will give the picket fence a glow because it will be cleaned of any dirt or stain that developed over time.

Step 4-Sanding the Wood Picket Fence

Check picket fence for any wood blisters that have stuck out. Wood sticking out may be trimmed using any wood trimmer. A sander may be used to rub the wood to smoothen and level out the surface.

Step 5-Distance Fence from Chemical Source

Since the picket fence is installed in the yard, there are other essentials that are in consideration like the use of some type of pesticides that may be used to treat the garden. It is recommended that a considerable distance be placed between the picket fence and the grass or plant area to protect the fence from the harsh effects of the chemicals.

Step 6-Doing Regular Inspection of the Fence

It is a good practice to regularly check and inspect the picket fence so that any damage or maintenance that needs to be done will be immediately addressed. This routine will prevent further damage to the fence if it exists and it can remain relatively maintenance-free because of the regular inspection that is done.

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