Your fence safeguards your family and your home. However, fences can become damaged due to high winds, fallen trees, and other results of stormy weather.

Windy weather can cause fences to collapse, lose sections, or even blow away. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to protect your fence from damage due to strong winds.

Secure Loose Items

Loose items on the exterior of your home or throughout your yard can become airborne in a storm and damage your fence. Household items that damage fences are barbecue grills, planters, toys, and lawn furniture. It’s essential to move these items into a storage area or secure them with bungee cords or stakes before a big storm comes.

Trim Nearby Trees

Fallen trees and limbs commonly damage fences during wind storms. Trim any limbs that can fall directly on your fence and remove dying or diseased trees. These branches and dead trees can snap a fence in two and also cause harm to your home, vehicles, and more.

Landscape Wisely

It’s easy to forget about your fence while landscaping, but that can result in costly damages down the road,

Plant trees away from your home and your fence. They may be saplings now, but they’ll be full-size trees that can be uprooted by strong winds in just a few years.

Close and Secure Gates

A grim weather forecast means it’s time to secure your fence gates. Gates swing open and slam shut multiple times throughout a wind storm. This can result in broken gates, damaged fencing where the gates collide, and other damages. Padlocks, chains, and bungees are useful for safeguarding your gates until the wind calms down.

Keep It Clean

Many homeowners clean their fence only when it looks dirty or acquires mold. However, your fence should be inspected and cleaned often.

Clear away weeds that can hold moisture and result in rotting. Coating the fence with paint can also help prevent excessive moisture. A wet, rotten fence is much more likely to undergo damage during a wind storm.

Inspect and Repair

The most important thing you can do to keep your fence in top condition and protect it from wind damage is to inspect it often.

Weekly or monthly inspections allow you to catch weak spots in the fence, so you can repair or reinforce them before the next storm comes. Properly maintaining your fence can prevent costly damage and dangers down the road.

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