In recent years, the use of security fencing has grown significantly. While there are certain industries and institutions that have always needed security fences, there are other facilities and businesses that are becoming security conscious, too, and who are taking preemptive steps to help protect their property, as well as the people on it.

Western Fence Co. has worked to install security fencing for countless Utah businesses, as well as governmental offices over the years and can provide the consultation services needed to determine the type of security fencing necessary for your needs.

We use the highest quality fencing products for all our projects, to ensure your complete satisfaction. We also offer our customers a wide array of products to ensure their unique security fencing needs are met.

Our Security Products Include:

  • Crash Rated Bollards: The bollards are able to be installed close to entrances or other locations on your property to keep vehicles from accidently (or purposefully) crashing into a building or violating a set perimeter. There are bollards with different crash ratings, and we can help design the right bollard system for your unique situation.
  • Steel Fencing: With steel fencing, you will have a high level of perimeter security. Thanks to the design of this fencing, it is much more difficult to scale, and we can top it with razor wire if needed. Additionally, ornamental steel security fencing is versatile, as it can be used to enhance the overall appeal of your facility and provide protection.
  • Chain Link Fencing: While you may not think chain link fencing belongs in the category for security, the fact is, this type of fencing is a cost-effective option when the proper design is used. We can install chain link in two or more rows and then top it with razor or barbed wire. Additionally, you can opt to install anti-climb, curved chain link fencing. This is a popular option for rooftops and detention centers.
  • Secure Access Gates: With these, you can secure your entrances and ensure only authorized individuals are able to gain entrance.

Security Cages

A security cage can be used for a wide array of applications and are made out of a wide array of steel. Our cages can be used on roofs, to store your valuable tools and supplies, and some retail companies even use our cages to store inventory.

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