What is Required by the State of Utah to Have a Fence Built?

A fence is a fantastic addition to any home! With literally infinite
styles and designs to choose from you are sure to find a fence that
enhances the curb appeal and overall tone of your house. More so the
fence has been providing families with the added benefit of privacy
since the dawn of time.

Depending on which state you live in
there are different regulation set for the building of a fence on your
property. Utah state regulations can sometimes be a bit cloudy, but
Western Fence Co has done the leg work for you! We brought you some of
the most commonly asked questions about fencing regulations and the
regulations themselves!

Rest assured when dealing with Western
Fence Company we will always make sure that all Utah State permits are
obtained and all restrictions followed. Its our job to know these ins
and outs! We just think its helpful for you to have the answers too 🙂

The installation of a fence requires a permit from Building Services.
“Fence” means a structure erected to provide privacy or security which
defines a private space and may enhance the design of individual sites. A
wall or similar barrier is also considered to be a fence. The fee for
most residential fences is $33.00. However, fences exceeding 6′ in
height require additional construction code review and fall under the
general permit fee schedule for construction.

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