Why A Privacy Fence Will Improve Your Home

Privacy fences are great for giving yourself and your family a little more privacy from anyone in the area. However, they also offer a number of other benefits. Getting a privacy fence is a great way to improve and protect your home in a number of ways. 

An Enclosed Yard

When your backyard is enclosed with a fence, you can do a lot of activities without bothering the neighbors. You can have family events held there without it spilling into the neighbors’ yards. You can have your kids play in the yard without worrying that they may wander away or have a strange dog come up to them. It’s easier to do events when the event will be enclosed and some of the noise will be buffered by the fence. 

Deter Thieves

Many thieves won’t go into a privacy fence because they don’t know what’s back there. There could be large dogs or people back there, and they don’t want to run into either. It also means that they can’t quickly gain access to the house from the back. Thieves often target the back door or back windows because they are out of sight from the street and often away from neighbors. A fence keeps those openings well away from thieves. 

Protection from the Weather

A storm with high winds can cause a lot of damage to homes as well as being detrimental to your garden plants. A durable fence will buffer that wind so that your flowerbeds and other landscaping won’t be as affected. This can also be helpful for protecting any trim or other items on the back of your house. High winds can also throw items into windows, and a fence can buffer winds enough to prevent this problem. 

More Plant Options

A privacy fence is the perfect canvas for a number of climbing plants that can add green to your backyard. Plants like English ivy, morning glories, and honeysuckle among others can all be used to climb the fence and create a more beautiful backyard. Plenty of climbing plants need little to no maintenance, so it’s easy to grow them. You can also use a privacy fence to hang up hanging plant pots. This is a great way to beautify the yard and add some pops of color to it. 

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