There are a number of different gate operators available depending upon what the owner is looking for. Here is a basic description of four of the most common to help those in the market for a gate operator find the one they want.

  • Slide Gate Operators

    A slide gate operator is typically used where the gate must run parallel to a fence or a wall. This type of situation is most frequently see when there is limited space, such as behind a secured facility.

  • Swing Gate Operators

    Swing operators are perfect for when the owner wants the gate, or gates, to swing open. They can be positioned to allow the gate to open inward or outward from a wall depending upon the specifications of the area and the preferences of the owner.

  • Barrier Gate Operators

    Barrier gate operators are best used in situations where there will be a considerable amount of traffic. Good examples of the best high traffic areas would be a parking lot or an office building.

  • High Cycle Trolley Gate Operators

    Those who are looking for a gate for their high traffic area but are also seeking something that would be low profile should consider using the high cycle trolley gate operators.

    In addition to these ideas, owners should also consider the following criteria when selecting their gate operator.

    • If the operator will go with a new or existing gate
    • If the operator will be subject to freezing temperatures
    • The number of cycles the gate will endure
    • The voltage and backup systems for the gate
    • Those interested in learning more about gate options or to order one should speak with Western Fence Co.

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