• A fence or other barrier is required and must provide complete perimeter security of the facility, and be at least 6 feet, 1.83 meters, in height. Openings through the fence or barrier, other than entry or exit access when the access is open, may not permit a sphere greater than 4 inches, 10.16 centimeters, to pass through it at any location. Horizontal members shall be equal to or more than 45 inches, 114.3 centimeters, apart.

    (a) If the local health department determines that the safety of children is not compromised, it may exempt indoor pools from the fencing requirements.

    (b) The local health department may grant exceptions to the height requirements in consideration of architectural and landscaping features for pools designed for hotels, motels and apartment houses.

  • A fence or barrier that has an entrance to the facility must be equipped with a self-closing and self-latching gate or door. Except for self-locking mechanisms, self-latching mechanisms must be installed 54 inches, 1.37 meters, above the ground and must be provided with hardware for locking the gate when the facility is not in use. A lock that is separate from the latch and a self locking latch shall be installed with the lock’s operable mechanism (key hole, electronic sensor, or combination dial) between 34 inches, 86.4 centimeters, and 48 inches, 1.219 meters, above the ground. All gates for the pool enclosure shall open outward from the pool.
  • The gate or door shall have no opening greater than 0.5 inches, 1.27 centimeters, within 18 inches, 45.7 centimeters, of the latch release mechanism.
  • Bathing areas must be separated from non-bathing areas by barriers with a minimum height of 4 feet, 1.22 meters, or by a minimum of 5 feet, 1.53 meters, distance separation.

Information was taken from http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r392/r392-302.htm#T14

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